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This is one of the most vibrant subsets to emerge from electronics. Instrumentation has served as a tool for the growth of many an industry. Dealing with equipments that mint out further marvels Instrumentation is the brainchild of all further creations in the electronics domain. With India's electronics sector slated to grow at an astronomical rate, this sector is certain to find itself in the midst of all happenings. We offer a four year programme in Electronics and Instrumentation that would lead to a degree being awarded in the same by the University of Kerala.

Instrumentation is a pioneer field of engineering in the modern era. In this fast growing age of automation and process industries, instrumentation engineer is an inevitable choice of every industry. Unfortunately in India, we are lacking in number of instrumentation engineers. So it is very essential and relevant in implementing a department which moulds young talents in the field of instrumentation. With that view we have started the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in the year of 2002. The annual intake is 60.

The thrust areas includes

  • Instrument design and Development
  • Automation
  • Sensor design and development
  • Fiber optics
  • Virtual Instrumentation
  • Fuzzy logic and neural networks

The department consists of highly qualified and eminent faculty members with immense knowledge and vast experience in teaching and industry.

It is the task of Electronics and instrumentation engineers to research, design, install, develop, test and maintain instruments, electronics and computer control systems that are used in the process industry. With the help of automation techniques and computer-aided processes, they formulate ways to control these systems. Their prime focus is to ensure that the processes operate efficiently and safely. The department of AEI prepares students who seek to enter this stream by providing them with intricate knowledge to manage and control instruments.

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