Mechanical Engineering

List of Faculty

List of Faculty

Sl.No. Name of the Faculty PAN No. Qualification Area of  specialization Designation  Date of joining Date on which Designated as Professor/ Associate Professor Currently Associated (Y/N)

Nature of Association(Regular

/Contract/ Adjunct)

If contractual mention Full time or Part time Date of Leaving (In case Currently Associated is 'NO')
1 Dr. Shamim I CYRPS3993M Ph.D Mechanical - Heat transfer Associate Professor and HOD 06-12-2005 01-11-2020 Y Regular NA No
2 Dr. Kim J Seelan DPIPS7604C Ph. D Mechanical Engineering Dean Academics and Associate Professor 29-03-2021 29-03-2021 Y Regular NA No
3 Sreekumar R AIZPP7295F M.Tech Industrial Engineering and Management Assistant Professor 3/31/2021 NA Y Regular NA No
4 Abraham Sam Thomas ANXPT7193B M.Tech INDUSTRIAL SAFETY ENGINEERING Assistant Professor 13-04-2012 NA Y Regular NA No
5 Harikrishnan R DPFPR6838A M.Tech THERMAL ENGINEERING Assistant Professor 28-09-2020 NA Y Regular NA No
6 Nikhil Mohan BCKPN1446G M.Tech Mechanical CAD/CAM Assistant Professor 28-01-2019 NA Y Regular NA No
7 Shehna Salim GVAPS3986Q M.Tech Industrial Engineering Assistant Professor 01-11-2021 NA Y Regular NA No
8 Midhun P Mathew FKMPM7180L M.Tech Industrial Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering Assistant Professor 16-07-2021 NA Y Regular NA No
9 Cini Babuji BQSPC0963M M.Tech Computer Integrated Manufacturing Assistant Professor 24-09-2021 NA Y Regular NA No
10 Jerin Sabu FUDPS8759E M.Tech Machine Design Assistant Professor 04-10-2021 NA Y Regular NA No
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