As emerging technology becomes ever-increasingly complex, there has never been a more exciting time to pursue a degree in Electronics and Communication engineering. The course is designed to give the students both the theoretical and practical background in all frontier areas of Electronics and Communication so that they are constantly aware of the rapid changes taking place in this field.

ECE laboratories

  • Communication Engineering Lab
  • Electronic Crcuits Lab
  • Microwave and Optical Communication Lab
  • Electronic Product Design Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Embedded System Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Seminar Hall
  • Department Library

Communication laboratory has the most priority among the various labs in the curriculum of Electronics and communication engineering students for undergraduate courses. It handles various practical experiments in the field of analog and digital communication

This is a lab where the students learn the characteristics of different electronic devices and the basics of circuit design and implementation. The lab contains all necessary measuring instruments, display instruments, power supplies and function generators for the students to do experiments. Apart from Electronics and Communication students, third semester students of Information Technology and Computer Science disciplines also make use of this lab.

The laboratory is equipped with microwave benches at J band and H band , which includes expensive devices like klystron tubes, gun diodes, VSWR meter, directional couplers etc .

The students perform experiments using Digital Signal Processor trainers and execute programs for signal generation and processing.The software facilities include the following: Code Composer Studio



In addition to computers, Arbitrary function generators and Digital Storage Oscilloscopes are available in the lab.

Test and measuring instruments available:

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes 100 MHz

Function/ Pulse Generators 20 MHz




The Embedded Systems lab houses training facilities for programming various embedded systems and microcontrollers and its interfacing.

Electronics and Communication, Information Technology and Computer science students make use of this lab for the realization of different logic circuits and for the simulation of certain circuits. This lab is equipped with Digital Logic IC trainers, Microcontroller trainers and analog and digital IC testers apart from the function generators and measuring and display instruments.

Project Lab provides the implementation of new ideas of students. Iot,robotics,artificial intelligence ,embedded systems based projects were done.

Seminar hall is equipped with ceiling-mounted LCD projector, large 12ft x 10ft motorized screen, and audio system and has got a seating capacity of 150. It is also equipped with videoconferencing technology , hand-held and lapel microphones. It is used for Conducting Classes, Seminars and Distinguished Lectures.

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has set up a library to support students in their academic purpose. Reading, Referring and Researching make a person more knowledgeable. The department library offers a wide range of learning resources. The library has a collection of books and subscribes a number of magazines like Electronics for you, Digit, Chip, Electronics Today, Linux for you etc. In addition to this library owns a copy of main project reports, seminar reports and mini project reports done by the students. Standard textbooks by well-known authors are stocked, and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.

The Library has a collection of books under different categories including:

Electronic circuits, Instrumentation, Digital Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Control system, Communication engineering, Power Electronics, Computer Networks, Microprocessors , Microcontrollers, ARM Processors ,Embedded systems VLSI,Microwave Engineering, Digital Image Processing, Neural Networks, Linear Integrated circuits, Television Engineering, Bio Medical Instumentation, ASIC, Fuzzy Systems, Real Time Operating Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Signals And Systems.

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