Through this quality education the graduates acquire with the ability to visualize, collect information, analyze, solving complex problems, and making decisions. Training the students with technical skills and advanced technology that makes them more employable. Laboratories are well-equipped with advanced and excellent facilities. Systems are provided for students in the ratio of 1:1. The department is equipped with 8 laboratories, each has desktops, printers and switches.

This lab is specially followed by Students who are interested in understanding Structured Query Language and programming concepts in the Computer science and engineering field and wants to gain enhance knowledge about power of SQL Language in Relational Database Management System Development. The manual covers practical point of view in all aspects of Database and SQL including DDL, DML, and DCL sublanguages.

Faculty in Charge: Prof. DEEPA RAJAN S

The ultimate aim of this lab is to prepare students in familiarize with the Standard Java technologies of J2SE and helps to excel in Object Oriented programming and to succeed as a Java Developer through global rigorous education. This lab instills students with a solid foundation in Object Oriented programming fundamentals, to solve programming problems and also to learn Advanced Java topics like J2ME, J2EE, JSP, and JavaScript.

Faculty in Charge: Prof. KAVITHA V K

Students can get to improve their language skill. It provides a facility which allows the student to listen to model pronunciation, listen to their performance and compare with the model, and do self- assessment.

Faculty in Charge: Prof. NEETHULEKSHMI

To apply the concepts in the design of microprocessor/microcontroller based systems in existent. The student will learn the internal organization of popular 8086/8051, hardware and software interaction and integration microprocessors/microcontrollers.

Faculty in Charge: Prof. MANOLEKSHMI I

To expose students to FOSS environment and introduce them to use open source packages in open source platform.

Faculty in Charge: Prof. JUBY MARY ABRAHAM

Researching and exploring their ideas, to implement new technologies

Faculty in Charge: Dr. SHINERAJ G

To understand the functionalities of various layers of OSI model, difference between hardware, software, operating systems, programs and files. Students can understand the purpose of different software applications.

Faculty in Charge: Prof. JAYAKRISHNAN R

Department library is considered as an academic institution of higher learning. Library occupies a prominent position and it is an important and integral part of the department. Library is located in PG block.

Library Membership

All students and faculty members of Computer Science department are to be registered as Member of library. Book borrowing rights are given to all Students (UG/PG) and faculty members.

Library Hours

Monday to Saturday: 09.00 AM to 4.30PM.

Class rooms are well furnished and ventilated. All class rooms are fixed with LCD Projector, black boards in order to ensure overall development of students.

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