The inaugural function of CSI Student Branch @ BMCE



The inaugural function of CSI Student Chapter (COMPUTER SOCIETY OF INDIA ) combined with a Technical Talk on "New &  Innovative Ideas as a part of your Academia" was organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering in Baselios Mathews II College of Engineering on 19th Feb 2016 at 2pm.

The Chief guests Mr. Sreekanth. P. Krishnan (Chairman CSI-Trivandrum Chapter) and Mr. G Neelakantan (Immediate past Chairman CSI-Trivandrum Chapter) along with other dignitaries from the BMCE (Baselios Mathews II College of Engineering) lighted the Lamp.

Why Join a Professional Association?

To improve your organizational skills, Team Management skills, leadership skills, get opportunity to communicate with resource persons. Language improvement.

Enhance your network: Creating professional relationships is important. Associations sponsor numerous events throughout the year that allow you to connect with your peers. You can share ideas, ask for advice, volunteer to be a speaker or become a member of a committee.

Take charge of your career: Internship and job opportunities.

Associations often have job listings only to their members. This is a great way to find targeted job postings for your area of interest. Additionally, many associations have career resources available such as tips on effective resumes or cover letters, job searching strategies and negotiating techniques. Listing your association membership on your resume is impressive to current or future employers as it shows that you are dedicated to staying connected in your profession.
Broaden your knowledge:
Most associations provide an enormous amount of access to resource information such as: case studies, articles, white papers and books written by experts in your field or area of interest. Also, journals, magazine and newsletter access is provided as a part of your membership privileges.


Students can attend at a discounted rate and hear from keynote speakers in the industry. When students go for an interview, they can impress the employer by knowing all the trends in the field that they learned from the conference.

Industry standards.

Professional associations often distribute an e-newsletter that keeps students informed about new statistics and best practices in the field. Webinars will be offered on hot topics as well.

Codes of ethics. In order to know what is considered best practice and what is accepted in the industry.

Free or discounted publications- Membership in many groups includes a free subscription to the organization’s magazine.
Civic leadership-Professional organization is active in civic and philanthropic ventures, you can become involved in many worthwhile projects. Associations contribute to their communities in a variety of ways, from providing scholarships and hosting career days for students to support important charitable causes.

Computer Society Of India

Formed in 1965, the CSI has been instrumental in guiding the Indian IT industry down the right path since its formative years. Today, the CSI has 72 chapters all over India, 511 student branches, and more than 100000 members including India's most famous IT industry leaders, brilliant scientists and dedicated academicians.


CSI has various Publications such as CSI Communications, CSI Digital Magazines and CSI Transactions on ICT,

Membership Services

The Society is targeted at the ICT user community at large. Hence the membership of the Society is open to all professionals and students involved in the field of information and communication technology.CSI provides a comprehensive bouquet of online services for its members.

Students Corner

Under the guidance of CSI Student Coordinators, enthusiastic student members organize IT related lectures, seminars and conferences. Many student branches hold annual "Technology Festivals" with programming contests, quizzes, interaction with IT industry luminaries, career guidance counseling, and much more.

Faculty Coordinators of CSI Student Chapter of BMCE
1 Mr Shine Raj G Coordinator
2 Mr Radhakrishnan B Member
3 Mr Jayakrishnan R Member
Student Members of CSI Student Chapter
S. No. Title (Mr./Ms.) First Name Middle Name Last Name Present Degree with year Years  applied (1/2/3/4)
1 Mr Akash   Johnson 4th year B.Tech 1
2 Mr Akhil  A Chacko 4th year B.Tech 1
3 Ms Ancy   Rajan 4th year B.Tech 1
4 Ms Anju   Ravi 4th year B.Tech 1
5 Ms Anju   Yohannan 4th year B.Tech 1
6 Ms Anju    R 4th year B.Tech 1
7 Ms Arya A R 4th year B.Tech 1
8 Ms Cincy   Raju 4th year B.Tech 1
9 Mr Edwin Daniel Roy Pereira 4th year B.Tech 1
10 Mr Emy  K Kurian 4th year B.Tech 1
11 Ms Jessy   Mole 4th year B.Tech 1
12 Ms Jitti Annie Abraham 4th year B.Tech 1
13 Ms Juby  Mary  Abraham 4th year B.Tech 1
14 Ms Megha Mariam Moncy 4th year B.Tech 1
15 Ms Minu   Mohan 4th year B.Tech 1
16 Ms Nayana   L 4th year B.Tech 1
17 Ms  Philipsy   E 4th year B.Tech 1
18 Ms Radhika   Raveendran 4th year B.Tech 1
19 Ms Sruthi Raj S 4th year B.Tech 1
20 Mr Abhilash  T Reju 1st year B.tech 1
21 Mr Abin   Issac 1st year B.tech 1
22 Ms Ahalya   Krishnan 1st year B.tech 1
23 Mr Aju   Varghese 1st year B.tech 1
24 Mr Akhil   Kumar A 1st year B.tech 1
25 Mr Alvin   Alexander 1st year B.tech 1
26 Ms Amitha   Varghese 1st year B.tech 1
27 Mr Anit  Merin  Thomas 1st year B.tech 1
28 Ms  Anju  Sara  Joy 1st year B.tech 1
29 Ms Anju    Achankunju 1st year B.tech 1
30 Ms Anju  Elsa  Koshy 1st year B.tech 1
31 Ms Anu Elsa  Koshy 1st year B.tech 1
32 Ms Asha K A  Panicker 1st year B.tech 1
33 Mr Athul Anil Thomas 1st year B.tech 1
34 Ms Betty   Varghese 1st year B.tech 1
35 Ms Bismi   T 1st year B.tech 1
36 Ms Christeena Anie Tharakan 1st year B.tech 1
37 Mr Girish   Rajagopalan Nair 1st year B.tech 1
38 Mr Jibi   Johnson 1st year B.tech 1
39 Mr Linson   Thankachan 1st year B.tech 1
40 Ms M S Jitty John 1st year B.tech 1
41 Mr  Manu   S 1st year B.tech 1
42 Ms Merin  K Philip 1st year B.tech 1
43 Ms Minu L Varghese 1st year B.tech 1
44 Mr Philip M Varghese 1st year B.tech 1
45 Mr Rino   Zacharia 1st year B.tech 1
46 Ms  Risa K Raju 1st year B.tech 1
47 Ms Shalu    S.Nazar 1st year B.tech 1
48 Ms Shekha   Aman 1st year B.tech 1
49 Mr Sibi   Mathew 1st year B.tech 1
50 Ms Smitha   Thankachan 1st year B.tech 1
51 Mr Stingson Varghese Chandy 1st year B.tech 1
52 Mr Sumin  Elsa  Jiju 1st year B.tech 1
53 Ms Varuna   Ramachandran 1st year B.tech 1
54 Ms Vrinda    VG 1st year B.tech 1
55 Ms Deepsi   Sanjay 2nd Year B.Tech  1
56 Ms Divya Raj R 2nd Year B.Tech  1
57 Mr Jessin   Joy 2nd Year B.Tech  1
58 Mr Jinu   Roy 2nd Year B.Tech  1
59 Ms Parvathy A Kumar 2nd Year B.Tech  1
60 Ms Shinemary   Patrician 2nd Year B.Tech  1
61 Ms Sneha   Wilson 2nd Year B.Tech  1
62 Mr Anandu   Subash 2nd Year B.Tech  1
63 Mr Maneesh Kumar M 2nd Year B.Tech  1
64 Ms Renji P Thomas 2nd Year B.Tech  1
65 Ms Seena Elsa Jose 2nd Year B.Tech  1
66 Ms Shani   Shelly 2nd Year B.Tech  1
67 Ms Aby Elsa Babu 2nd Year B.Tech  1
68 Ms Ginu   George 2nd Year B.Tech  1
69 Mr Nikhil G A 2nd Year B.Tech  1
70 Ms Shyni P Varghese 2nd Year B.Tech  1
71 Ms Anju   Mohandas 3rd year B.Tech 1
72 Ms  Anju   Varghese 3rd year B.Tech 1
73 Ms Anu T Thampi 3rd year B.Tech 1
74 Mr Jessin   John 3rd year B.Tech 1
75 Ms Dona Sara Jacob 3rd year B.Tech 1
76 Ms Neenu   Monachan 3rd year B.Tech 1

Office bearers


Akash Johnson  (S7 CSE)


Akhil A Chacko (S7 CSE)


Anandhu Subhash (S3 CSE)

Joint Secretary

Deepsy sanjay (S3 CSE)

Executive Members

1.     Anu T Thampi (S5 CSE)

2.    Emy Kurian (S7 CSE)

Student Branch Counsellor

Asst. Prof. Shine Raj G