Laboratories & Workshops

The department has well equipped laboratories with most modern infrastructure to cater to the present day need of the industries. Except this, department has a separate Workshop which help students in applying their theoretical knowledge to transform it in applied knowledge. 
Some of the laboratories with their major facilities are:


CAD/CAM Laboratory

• One server and one work station.
• Complete networking of PCs.
• 4 Mbps leased line for Internet.
• Laser Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Inkjet printer.

In-Charge: Felix Koshy Premjith J R

Material testing laboratory

• Universal testing machine.
• Torsion testing machine.
• Hardness measuring machines.
• Izod impact testing machine.
• Fatigue testing machine.

Fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines laboratory

• Pelton turbine test rig.
• Kaplan turbine test rig
• Francis turbine test rig.
• Centrifugal pump test rig.
• Reciprocating pump test rig.
• Flow measurement devices- Notches, Orifice meter, Nozzle and Venturimeter.
• Metacentric Height Test rig.

In-Charge: Aju John & Anuraj R

Internal Combustion Engine laboratory

• Petrol engine test rig.
• Diesel engine test rig.
• Compressor test rig.
• Blower test rig.
• Redwood Viscometer Apparatus
• flash and fire points of petroleum products apparatus
• Bomb calorimeter apparatus.
• IC engines models

In-Charge: Nikhil K & Kiran Shankar

Thermal Engineering Lab:

• Experimental setups for conduction (natural and forced), convection, radiation etc.
• Thermal conductivity measurement and emissive setups, head pump etc.
• Refrigeration test rig, air conditioning test rig.
• Study and Performance Analysis of Reciprocating compressor, Rotary compressor and blowers
• Performance analysis of different types of exchangers.
• Calibration of Thermocouples
• Calibration of Pressure gauge

In-Charge: Harish Chandran


• Study of Metallurgical Microscope and Polishing Machines
• Microstructure study of Mild steel, Cast iron, Brass and Aluminium and heat treated stee
In-Charge: John Robin


• Study and experiment using profile projector
• Study of various measuring instruments like micrometers and callipers
• Experiment to test flatness
• Experiment to test roundness
• Measurement of angle using sine bar
• Experiment on Autocollimator
• Study and Experiment on Tool Maker’s microscope
• Experiment on LVDT
• Experiment on Acceptance sampling

In-Charge: Renju Thomas


• Study and testing using Tool Dynamometer
• Experiment on Robotics (Robot Programming)
• Experiment on PLC

In-Charge: Kiran Shankar

Carpentry Shop

• Study of tools & Operation and carpentry joints.
• Simple exercise using Jack planes.
• To-prepare cross joint, T joint, Dove tail joint.

In-Charge: Johnson K C

Fitting Shop

• Study of tools and operations.
• Making perfect male-female joint, stepped Joint
• Simple exercise involving drilling & tapping.

In-Charge: Santhosh Lukose

Sheet Metal Shop

• Study of tools and operations.
• Practice on riveted joints.
• Fabrication of tube joints, frustum, tray and containers.

In-Charge: Abdul Rahman


• Study of tools and operations.
• Study of pipe joints, cutting, threading and laying of pipes with different fittings using PVC pipes
• Use of special tools in plumbing work.



• Study of tools and operations.
• Preparation of sand
• Molding practice and demonstration of casting.

In-Charge: SARATH S

Machine Shop

• General study of Lathe and Accessories.
• Tools used for different operations in Lath
• Study of shaping and slotting machines, and planning machines.
• Tools used for different operations & exercises in shaper, slotting and planning machines.
• Study of Milling Machines and Milling Cutters.
• Study of grinding machines.
• Study of Drilling machines.
• Exercises on milling machines Grinding and Drilling Machines.
• Study of CNC machines
• Exercises on CNC Lathe & Milling machine:

In-Charge: Aji Anand & Abraham Sam Thomas