A student will be considered to have committed a breach of discipline, if he/she engages in any of the following cases:

·         Engages in any unfair conduct: Commits or engages in any unfair act (any sort ofdisobedience, insubordination, disorderly behavior, use of abusive language, violent or intimidating act, any sort of indecent behavior between students, destroying or disfiguring any property of the College, spraying water/color powder or making odd sounds in the premises). Willfully disobeys or disregards an order or direction of a staff member (including security persons). Disobedience, insubordination, disorderly behavior, use of abusive language etc. shall not be tolerated in the College and hostel premises. Students should behave with restraint. Shouting, whistling, making odd sounds and other acts likely to disturb others should be avoided at all times.

·         Harassment or Stalking of any person:  Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on College premises; any action of harassment or bullying of any student, member of staff, other employee of the College, any visitor to the College or premises will result in strict punitive actions.

  • Damaging or Disfiguring any property of the Campus or premises. Any such damage will be immediately reported to the Principal. The cost of damage will be recovered from the individual concerned. If the person is not traced, the members of the group concerned will be collectively held responsible.
  • Disruption of Operations: Obstruction or disruption of classes, or other activities or programs of the College; or obstructing access to College facilities, property, or programs. Disruption is defined as an action or combination of actions by one or more individuals that unreasonably interferes with, hinders, obstructs, or prevents the operation of the College or infringes on the rights of others to freely participate in its programs and services. Students of this Institution, inviting outsiders for disturbing classes will be individually and collectively held responsible for the disruption and answerable for the same.

·         Misuse or unauthorized use of College premises: Do not distribute or publish in the premises a poster, notice or any other matter which is unauthorized, offensive, intimidating, threatening, indecent or illegal. The rooms, doors etc. should not be disfigured by writing or sticking handbills, posters etc. Dropping litter of any description in the College premises, whether inside or outside buildings; Placing posters, signs or notices on any surface other than authorized notice boards; Misuse or unauthorized use of College premises or any items of property (spraying water / powder), Computer / Internet misuse, the misuse or disabling of fire-prevention or fire-fighting equipment, the misuse or alteration of electrical fittings will be dealt with very seriously.

  • Infringement of Academic Integrity: Academic integrity is a basic guiding principle for all academic activity. Violations of Academic Integrity include, but is not limited to, copying in examinations, plagiarism of contents for project or publication purpose, submitting work of another person or work previously done, and tinkering with the academic work of other students
  • Theft: Stealing, vandalizing, damaging, destroying, or defacing College property or the property of others.
  • Use of mobile phones in the campus. Mobile phones with camera are strictly prohibited in the campus as per the orders of University of Kerala.
  • Use of two wheelers beyond the designated place and above the designated speed in the campus. Riding two wheelers with over speed, over load and not wearinf helmet id prohibited.
  • Posting comments and photographs in websites: Making inappropriate videos, photographs or sound recordings (including videos and sound recordings made without the permission of the person photographed or recorded) and / or sharing or posting them on websites. Writing or sending SMS or text messages targeting, harassing or bullying individuals or groups.
  • Use of Alcohol / Drugs: Use, possession or distribution of beverages containing alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • Use of weapons: The possession, storing, carrying, or use of any weapon, ammunition, or explosive.
  • Fails to comply with the anti ragging act.
  • Does not wear proper designated uniform and displaying ID Card.

Members of staff of all category of the College are authorized for monitoring the discipline of students in the campus and they have the authority to check disorderly or improper conduct or any breach of disciplinary regulations occurring in the campus or in the precincts.

Penalties for breaches of discipline

Where a delegated officer has identified that a student has committed a breach of discipline, any of the following penalties may be imposed, based on the intensity of the crime and recommendations of discipline committee/ ethics committee/ anti ragging committee / college council / Management.

  • Requirement to bring the parents.
  • Requirement to attend counseling at a specified time and place
  • Reprimand.
  • Payment of compensation by student for damages or loss of property
  • Suspended from the College.
  • Dismissed from the College.