Choosing a career is a function of one’s attitude, aptitude, passions and preferences, and a judicious understanding of current and future industry trends and hiring trends. Eachyear BMCE holds an annual seminar “LAKSHYA” for providing Career Guidance for Twelfth standard students

The aim of this Seminar was to provide platform for the students which may assists them in improving their knowledge, skill sets & various other important qualities necessary for their Career Enhancement. We invited many schools to encourage their students to participate for this seminar.

Dr.AchuthSankar S Nair who heads the State Inter University Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics, University of Kerala and Career Guru, Dr. B Venkitaraman extended motivational guidance on Career Development to all Students present at this seminar. Also they guided to the students that other than academic knowledge they should try to develop their learning attitude on the new trends and practical knowledge regarding business.

A science quiz was also conducted for the students who were present and the winners were awarded with scholarships.