It is important that for the higher Research degree such as Ph.D, the applicant has the

choice of the area of research. It is equally beneficial, if the Place of Research and the

Research Supervisor are identified by the researcher him/her self. Considering these, in

the application format, the Place of Research and the Research Supervisor are required to

be filled in by the candidates. KTU does not provide list of Places of Research or names

of Research Supervisors. The University reserves the right to verify the qualifications of

the applicants and also the credentials of the proposed Place of Research and of the

Research Supervisor. The Ph.D applicants are advised to contact the authorities of the

affiliated Colleges and the prospective Research supervisors before filling in the


The stipulations with regard to the qualifications of the candidate and the eligibility

criteria to be the Place of Research and to be a Research Supervisor are given in the Ph.D

Regulations which are publicized in the KTU website.

Download Research Regulations