The college has a department dedicated to the development of Basic Sciences and Humanities; the department is under the able hands of some of the finest teachers who congress at BMCE to give the students the best that they can offer. The disciplines like mathematics, physics and chemistry are important to sow the seeds of engineering sciences as they are the pedestal on which they are groomed.


Engineering Mathematics is one of the most engrossing subjects that a student can come across in his educational career many calculations and theories in modern science can trace their roots to this imperative discipline. The logics and curves that emerge from mathematical models find their place in algorithms, internal combustion engines and embedded circuits alike. At BMCE the best lecturers train you in this discipline so that your engineering experience is thoroughly enjoyable and understandable


A proper understanding of physical systems and models is necessary for the complete engineering experience. The subject has been taught by masters from the Aristotle era to the great teacher Richard Feynman, who made this a thoroughly wonderful learning experience. The foundation of engineering sciences is governed by physics which helps in a deeper understanding of the subject. Most of the developments in electronics and electrical domains have come around with a greater and deeper analysis of the intricacies of the subject.


Chemistry is sometimes called "the central science" because it connects physics with other natural sciences such as geology and biology. Chemistry is a branch of physical science but distinct from physics. With basic training and insight students can come up with projects that cut across this domain.

English and Communicative skills

The importance of good speech and writing cannot be downplayed. With the best guidance that BMCE offers we are sure to raise the bar for excellence in this part of your curriculum. Along with technical expertise we encourage students to express their thoughts effectively and properly so that BMCEians can stand out among the rest. The importance of this is highlighted throughout the year and not along focused on a dedicated time bound program.