Computer Science is an interesting subject, and is now became an inevitable element in all our lives. More or less every facet of modern life involves computing - from mobile phones, TVs, planes, trains and cars, to gaming, security and medicine. In the near future, the novel technology by name cloud computing will connect us all through small tablets, smart phones by facilitating anywhere anytime access with limited hardware utilization as a Green computing approach. The future holds many challenges. The architecture of computers that we deal with everyday is changing: multi-core processors are here and are fast replacing the single-CPU/single-core desktop and laptop. Entertainment in the form of games, films, and music now relies heavily on high performance computing. Computer hardware and software pervades devices and equipment that we use every day and has thus become the primary source of flexible and varied functionality - and hence a key driver of the global economy. Projects of national and global importance in science and engineering seek computer science as an essential means for advancement and service. Our faculty and staff work tirelessly to provide flexible, attractive, and relevant education at the undergraduate and graduate levels to generate the workforce capable of meeting these varied challenges.

 The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at BMCE is renowned for imparting avant-garde technological knowledge and state of the art quality edification. Computer science or computing science designates the scientific and mathematical approach in information technology and its applications, notably computer software and sometimes hardware. We craft a center of attention of some of the brilliant students and experienced faculty. The Department provides state of the art computing amenities and encourages active industry-institute partnership by identifying key areas of interest. Our Computer Centre supports the entire computing needs of the academic programmes. The department was given sufficient resources by the management in terms of excellent workforce, equipments, books, International and National Journals, Laboratories, Ultra Modern Computer labs, accessories, class rooms, seminar hall, etc. and it started offering the course, from 2002.

The new age revolution of the 21st century has been brought about with the advent of computers. They have served as the pedestal for every growth story and advancement in this era. Computers have reshaped the way we look at things. Our country is one of the major software hubs in the world and Indian software engineers are highly respected worldwide. With more than 3 lakh jobs available in this sector this has been one of the most consistent and widely respected sectors. The department offers a four year programme in Computer Science and Engineering that would lead to a degree being awarded in the same by the University of Kerala.