Career Guidance and Counselling Center


The aim of education is to achieve the fullest possible realization of possibilities inherent in the individual. Education fosters all aspects of an individual personality. Guidance is an integral part of education and helps in achieving the goals of education. Guidance is quiet essential for the development of individual which is the main objective of education. Rev. Fr. Dr. Koshy Vaidyan, Director of Career Guidance and Counselling Centre is playing a key role in helping the studentsunderstand and rectify the deficiencies.




        Identify students requiring Counselling

        Communicate personally

        Continue observation by taking 360 degree feedback

        Maintain a diary for each student


Meditation Room


The College Meditation Room is for use by BMCE College students, faculty and staff. The purpose of the Meditation Room is to create a place of peace and refuge while learning and working that supports the holistic wellness of students, faculty and staff. The Room is reserved exclusively for silent, individual meditation, reflection, prayer and contemplation.