Marcus T. Cicero

What greater or better gift can we offer the republic than to teach and instruct our youth?

The institution provides students the perfect platform to nourish their learning skills by understanding the key concepts of Engineering, while exploring their interest in various other disciplines. Students are also encouraged to take part in leadership programs as part of their personality development.

Developing Strategies to Enhance the Global Employability of Students

In today’s competitive global scenario, the job market has become unfavorable to even those brilliant students who procure high professional degrees. The plain reason for this unemployability is the widening gap between the actual industry expectations and their professional qualifications. BMCE has cautiously identified the root cause of this issue and have taken various important steps for bridging this gap. As a part of this bridging exercise, BMCE has introduced various employability enhancement trainings for students, where they can enroll in order to improve their scope in the current job market. In addition to this, BMCE has also effectively implemented an e-learning solution to keep the students informed about the latest happenings in the world of technology.

Some of the other job-oriented educational initiatives undertaken by the institution include:

Introduction of skill and knowledge enrichment programs in association with Microsoft:

This program aims to create excellence and knowledge competence in students so that they are at par with the best resources available in the job market today. These industry readiness programs focuses on addressing the various shortcomings of an otherwise brilliant student, thus transforming him in to a “globally employable” student.

Industry relevant, multimedia-based employability training

Industry relevant, multimedia-based employability training is made available from the best sources and is accessible to any student of BMCE. This provides students a richer learning experience owing to the well-organized content, clear and unobstructed visual display, and use of various multimedia formats to assist in developing the global employability graph of students.