The Central Computing Facility is the Holy Grail of engineering studies. With over 500 systems in the college our labs are a symbol of pride and highly revered. The Labs have served as a nurturing ground for many innovative projects. All laboratories are equipped with the latest and best devices available in the market. These laboratories are simulated adeptly so that students can bridge the gap between academics and industry.

The Central Computing Facility (CCF) shapes an imperative element of BMCE’s infrastructure, providing a broad scale of services to the students as well as faculty members occupied in research and other academic activities.

The CCF provides the support for students of all branches to have a hands-on feel of what they learn in the classrooms and enhance their computer skills. All machines are linked with our ultra modern high speed campus networking and enabled with high speed leased line Internet access. The wide range of software includes C, C++, Java, AutoCAD, MATLAB, Macromedia Flash, 3-D Studio Max, Photoshop, Pagemaker, Coreldraw, etc.